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Why our Drain Field Systems Are Better

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   Most people are familiar with the old “rock & pipe” type of leach drainage field. Often referred to as a French drain system this centuries-old technique of dispersing effluent into the ground has proven to be an ineffective method of dealing with liquid waste.
The basic idea behind a this outdated “rock & pipe” type leach field is this: Begin with digging a trench/bed to a suitable length (which will vary depending on usage, soil type and local building code requirements). Next a layer of crushed rock or similar material is poured or dumped into the trench either by hand or by a rock truck from one end of the trench to the other. A perforated pipe is laid on top of the rock which runs the entire length of the trench, upon which a second layer of rock is poured on top of that. The top rock layer is then covered with native soil to hide the drainage system and keep odors from escaping.

There are many disadvantages which have plagued this type of system for many years.  This old technology takes up land area and prohibits owners from planting trees and shrubs, or prohibiting using this wasted drain field area for recreational or construction uses.  This inferior leach system is what most other companies offer.

Fortunately, modern technologies and materials have led to the development of Atlantic Plumbing and Septic's superior solution.
ADS chambers, often referred to simply as “chambers,” are just better and here’s why:

1) Superior efficiency
The chambers are shaped like a “U” and are completely open on the bottom. The line of connected chambers results in a long tunnel of air which serves as a buffer to hold the liquid waste from the septic tank as it seeps gradually into the soil beneath. This approach gives 100% efficiency because there is nothing that impedes the absorption of the effluent into the ground; no crushed rock taking up space that would otherwise be used for storage volume, and no small perforated pipe holes to clog up. The chamber sidewalls have unique narrow slits that allow effluent to trickle out the sides for added effectiveness while simultaneously preventing soil from filling into the chamber. As a result, the chamber leach field system provides a total soil absorption area that is up to 2x as effective as rock & pipe within the same trench area.

Other factors to consider include the fact that stone hauling contributes to soil compaction which reduces the ability of the soil to absorb fluids. Stone in a trench also reduces the soil´s long-term rate of acceptance by as much as 50% or more.

2) Long-term reliability
With no small holes to clog up, plastic leach field chambers are not affected by small objects such as rocks which can cause a backup of a rock & pipe leach field system. And with a large cross-sectional area within each chamber, tree roots have no negative impact on the system´s ability to disperse the liquid which prevents backing up of your system. Chamber-type leach systems also offer inspection ports which allow easier monitoring of the system without having to dig up your yard.

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